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Creating a Microsoft Account

Welcome to VPO!

You have been invited to a SharePoint site on an Office 365 platform which is where your VPO Project or Bid site lives. You can access it at anywhere anytime from the cloud. The following article describes the process to access the project by creating a Microsoft Account.

If you already have Microsoft Account, please check out this article on ‘Troubleshooting Login Issues’.


You must setup a Microsoft Account and successfully log into the system before being able to do anything on the VPO Project site.

  1. Right-click on VPO Project name link from your welcome email invitation (highlighted in Orange) and select Open link in incognito window or Open in new InPrivate window (Edge browser).


    Using Incognito mode (Chrome) or InPrivate (Edge or Internet Explorer) is always recommended in case your browser saved credentials in the past. Your browser might decide to accept SharePoint invitations using stored credentials instead of using the email account to which the invitation was sent.

  2. Click on Create a Microsoft account, it’s quick and easy!


    If the email that received the invitation is a Microsoft account, please check out this article on ‘Troubleshooting Login Issues’.

  3. Follow the prompts to create your Microsoft Account.


    Enter the email address that the invitation was sent to, alternate emails will not have permission to view the VPO Project site.

  4. Verify your email with the code that was sent to you.

  5. Verify you are a real person.

  6. You’re almost there!


    Choose Yes to stay signed in and bookmark the site. The invitation link can only be used once.

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