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Managing User Profiles on Your Chrome Browser

Some users have trouble signing-in to Microsoft O365 due to errors like, 'That didn't work' or 'We're sorry, but can't be found in the directory', even if they have signed-in before. This is because  browsers store information to make sites load faster, even when we don't realize it's happening. Maybe you have a home email address and a work email address- your browser stores both sets of information. Microsoft tries to use that same info to log you into O365, but something doesn't match the security settings, so you are denied access. If you have received one of these errors, you may benefit from setting up a separate user profile on a Chrome browser.

Creating a separate user profile is like using a clean browser with only the correct information stored. Every profile you add keeps all the info separate, such as history, favorites, passwords, and other settings. You can have multiple profiles open at once. This is how we at The Simplex Group, Inc. manage our client's sites as well. Follow the steps below to try it yourself.

Currently, Chrome is the easiest browser to setup with this function. Edge Chromium will have this capability and is in the beta testing phase now. Mozilla Firefox has a version here, but it is more complicated to setup.



Chrome allows you to switch between any profile that is signed-in, so only share your device with people you trust.

  1.  At the top right of your browser window next to the ellipsis (i.e. three dots), click on the circle with your initial/profile picture and choose Manage People from the drop down list.

  2. Select Add Person.

  3. Choose a user icon and name your profile so it'll be easier to find (e.g., 'VPO Project Site' or 'Personal Gmail').

  4. Paste your project URL link into the address bar or go to Follow the prompts to log into Microsoft O365.


    Choose Yes to stay signed in and bookmark the site.

  5. Easily switch between profiles by clicking on the circle with your profile picture and choosing a different profile from your list.


    You can have multiple user profiles open at once.

  6. To remove a profile, click on the circle with your profile picture and select Manage People from the drop down list. Hover over the profile image and click on the ellipsis (i.e. three dots) that appear. Choose Remove this person.

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