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Invitation Email with an Orange Link

Welcome to VPO!

You have been invited to a SharePoint site in the Microsoft 365 platform which is where your VPO Project or Bid site lives. You can access it at anywhere anytime from the cloud. The following article describes the process to access the project by creating a Microsoft Account.

You’ve received an email that looks like this for one of two reasons: you have never been invited to this this company’s VPO or the email address this invite was sent to is not a Microsoft Account.


If you've received an invite with a blue link, use the instructions in this article: Blue Invite

Before we begin, we must emphasize the importance of not sharing your invitation with other people. It will not work for anyone except the email account it was sent to, so please do not forward your invitation to someone else. 

Since your computer and browser stores so much of your credential information, and may sometimes chose for you which credentials an invitation will be accepted with, we strongly recommend you follow the steps below to ensure a successful login. With all that out of the way, let’s get started on getting you signed into VPO.

  1. In your Outlook app, right-click on the orange link and chose copy hyperlink. It may be worded differently in other email clients and apps, such as copy link address or copy shortcut.

  2. In Google Chrome, click on the ellipsis menu (the three vertical dots) at the upper right corner and chose New incognito window. When you are in Incognito mode, Chrome will show this Incognito logo in the middle of the browser. In that Incognito browser, paste the hyperlink and hit Enter.

  3. Most of you will see this screen next. You MUST chose Microsoft Account.

  4. Type in your email address. You MUST use the email address the invitation was sent to. If you’ve created a Microsoft Account in the past on another SharePoint tenant, you should be good to go! Just put in your password and you should be in business. If not, you will see the “Microsoft account doesn’t exist” message. Just hit Create one!

  5. In the Create Account prompt, hit Next.

  6. Then create a password.

  7. Put in your name. Please keep in mind that the name you chose will appear in VPO to other users, so make sure to enter your name as you wish to be addressed.

  8. Put in your region and birthdate (other users will not see your birthdate).

  9. Check your email for the security code to verify your email address and enter it in this prompt.

  10. Enter the CAPTCHA characters you see.

  11. Now you are ready to sign into VPO! 


    Choose Yes to stay signed in and bookmark the site. The invitation link can only be used once.

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