VPO Submittal Revisions Tutorial

To learn how to revise an existing submittal, please follow the steps below.

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  1. Select Submittals from the Logs Menu


    This tutorial is for modifying an existing Submittal. To learn how to submit an original Submittal, click here.

  2. Click the Title of the Submittal you are creating the revision from


    There are multiple ways to look at the Submittal information with the use of views. The views available are:
    ▪ *All Submittals
    ▪ *All Submittals by Status
    ▪ *Late Submittals
    ▪ *Open Submittals

    To learn more about views, click here

  3. Click on Edit from the Top Menu

  4. In the REVISIONS Section, check the box for Create Revision? and enter the appropriate New Revision Number

  5. Click Save and Close.


    Copied from the Original Submittal (GENERAL INFORMATION TAB):
    ▪ Submittal Title
    ▪ Submittal Number
    ▪ To
    ▪ From
    ▪ Submittal Description
    ▪ Submittal Category
    ▪ Spec Section

    The following will be blank (GENERAL INFORMATION TAB):
    ▪ Initiated By
    ▪ Create Revision?
    ▪ New Revision Number
    ▪ Ball-in-Court
    ▪ Cc

    Initiated Date will default to the current date

    The following will be blank (DISCUSSION TAB):
    ▪ Discussion

    The following will be blank (FINAL REVIEW TAB):
    ▪ Response
    ▪ Responded By
    ▪ Response Date

    The following will be populated:
    Revision Number: This will populate with the New Revision Number from the original submittal
    Original Submittal: This will be a link to the original submittal
    Submittal Status: Resubmitted
    Submittal Closed? No

    Copied from the Original Submittal (GENERAL INFORMATION TAB):
    Field: Detail
    Field: Detail


    The Submittal Closed? will be populated with Yes on the original Submittal

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