VPO COVID-19 Checklist Tutorial

The COVID-19 Checklist is used to keep track of important COVID-19 information on the site.

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  1. Select COVID-19 Checklist from the Field Menu and click +New


    There are multiple ways to look at the COVID-19 Checklist information with the use of views. The views available are:
    ▪ *All Checklist Items
    ▪ *All Items Sorted

    To learn more about views, click here

  2. In the COVID-19 CHECKLIST Section, enter the following information:

    Title: A descriptive title for the COVID Report
    Report Date: Enter the date for the report
    COVID-19 Supervisor: The person entering the report information
    Sign: Check this box to sign the form

  3. In the CHECKLIST ITEMS Section, answer all 26 questions

    Action Taken: A drop-down of the action taken for the question.
    Remarks: Any remarks about the question.


    Save at any time while entering by clicking Save and Continue. When finished entering information, click Save and Close.

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