VPO Contracts Tutorial

The Contracts Module is used to track the contract information for the project. It will track all of the contracts and any potential change orders, change orders and payment applications for those contracts.

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  1. Select Contracts from the Project Costs Menu, and click +New.


    There are multiple ways to look at the Contract information with the use of views. The views available are:
    ▪ *All Contracts

    To learn more about views, click here

  2. Enter the following information in the CONTRACTS Section:


    Any field with an asterisk * is a required field and must be entered.

    Contract Title: Enter a descriptive title for the Contract
    Contract Number: Enter the number for this Contract

  3. Enter the following information in the CONTRACT MANAGEMENT Section:

    To: Select the company from the drop-down that is receiving the contract (The drop-down is populated from the Project Directory)
    From: Select the company from the drop-down list that is sending the contract (The drop-down is populated form the Project Directory)
    Contract Date: Enter the date for Contract. This will default to the current date but can be modified.
    Original Contract Amount: The dollar amount for the original contract amount (rolled up from the contract lines)
    Approved Signature: Check the box to "sign" the contract
    Approved COs: This is a sum of all approved Change Orders for the Contract
    Contract Work Remaining: The remaining work for the contract (Revised Contract Amount – Payment Apps approved)

  4. Use the CONTRACT LINE ITEMS Section to add the contract line items and associate them with the correct Budget by clicking +New entry.

    Line Number: Enter the line number
    Title: Enter a descriptive title for the line
    Budget: Select the appropriate budget category from the drop-down (populated from the Budget)
    Item Amount: Enter the dollar amount for the item

  5. Use the ATTACHMENTS Section to add or view any attachments for the Contract.


    To learn how to attach a file, click Attaching Files


    When finished entering information, click Save and Close


    The Contracts Module has several calculated fields that are calculated in the background They are as follows:

    Total Commitments: The sum of the Contract Amount and Purchase Order Amounts for this category
    Approved COs: Total of the Approved Change Orders for the Contracts associated with this category
    Revised Commitments: The sum of the Total Commitments plus the Approved COs
    Variance: The difference between the Original Budget and the Revised Commitments
    Paid To Date: The total from the Approved Payment Applications for all Contracts for this category, as well as, the Invoices for all Purchase Orders for this category.
    Balance Remaining: The difference between the Revised Commitments and the Paid to Date

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