VPO Change Order Tutorial

The Change Order Module is used to track the changes against a contract for the project.

  1. Select Change Orders from the Project Costs Menu, and click on +New


    This tutorial is for creating a new Change Order. For more information on how to view or edit the PO, click View and Edit Items.


    There are multiple ways to look at the Change Orders with the use of views. The views available are:
    ▪ *All Change Orders
    ▪ *Approved Change Orders
    ▪ *Change Orders by Status
    ▪ *Late Change Orders

    To learn more about views, click here

  2. Enter the following information in the CHANGE ORDERS Section:


    Any field with an asterisk * is a required field and must be entered.

    Change Order Title: Enter a descriptive title for the Change Order
    Change Order Number: This will be populated with the next consecutive number after the record is saved.
    Change Order Status: A drop-down of the status for the Change Order which defaults to New.
    Ball-in-Court: The user who should be made aware of this item and is currently responsible for the item. When the record is saved an e-mail is sent to the Ball-in-Court. This will occur every time the Ball-in-Court is changed.
    Cc: Any additional users who should be aware of this item. When the record is saved an e-mail is sent to all listed in the Cc field.  This will occur every time the Ball-in-Court is changed.


    ▪ All BIC / Cc emails are tracked in the Email Notice Log.
    ▪ If there is no Ball-in-Court listed, users in the Cc column will not receive any notifications.
    ▪ If a user is added to the Cc column, only that user will be notified of their addition.
    ▪ If users are added as individuals and as a member of a group, they will only receive one notification email.

  3. Enter the following information in the GENERAL INFORMATION Section.

    Parent Contract: Select the appropriate contract from the drop-down list (This is populated in the Contracts Module)
    Description of Change: A description of the change being requested
    Approved Change $: The sum of the Change Order Line Items dollar amount
    Approved Change in Days: The count of the number of days from the Change Order Line Items
    Requested Response Date: The date the response is requested by
    Initiated By: The user initiating this Change Order (This will default to the user entering the Change Order but can be modified)
    Initiated Date: The date the Change Order is being initiated (This will default to the current date but can be modified)

  4. Use the LINE ITEMS Section to add line items to the Change Order. The line items can be entered or can be brought in by selecting Approved BCOs. Click +New entry and enter the following:

    Title: A descriptive name for the Change Order Line Item
    Change Order Type: Select the appropriate line type

    If Add From Existing BCO:

    BCO Lookup: Select from the drop-down the appropriate approved BCO to pull into this Change Order Line Item

    If Enter New CO Line Item:

    Contract Line Lookup: Select the appropriate contract line item
    Change ($): The amount of the change order line item.
    Change in Days: The number of days the change order will change the schedule.


    After selecting a PCO and saving, the PCO will be updated to a status of Collected into Change Order and will no longer be available for selection.

    Click Save and Close when done entering one line item.

  5. Use the DISCUSSION Section for any discussions during the process

    Discussion: Enter any discussion items here.  Each entry will be date and time stamped and show the user who entered the discussion information.

  6. Use the REVIEW Section to review and approve the Change Order.

    Reviewed By: The user reviewing this Change Order
    Reviewed Date: The date the Change Order is being reviewed
    Approver Signature: Checking the box indicates a signature for the person currently logged into the Change Order.

  7. Use the ATTACHMENTS Section to add or view any attachments for the Change Order


    To learn how to attach files, click here


    When finished entering information, click Save and Continue or Save and Close

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